TAP has built an integration with QSES to allow prospective student user data to be passed to QSES which is used by many of our customers.

We pass the following data from your prospective student users to QSES in real-time:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Acceptance of privacy policy
  • Acceptance of receiving email marketing communications
  • Optional data (all):
    - Which course/subject area are you interested in?
    - What's your postcode?
    - What is your date of birth?
    - What is your country of residence?
    - Have you already applied to the university?
    - When do you want to start your studies?
    - What school do you go to?
    - Custom question
  • Chat transcripts
  • Additionally, we call QSES web service to get a default intake value which we then pass with the prospective student user data.

QSES CRM can be highly customised meaning no two integrations are the same. As a result, on average this integration takes on average two weeks to set up.

We charge a flat fee of £5000 for setting up an integration with QSES followed by £100 per month maintenance for ongoing support.

If you'd like to talk about setting up QSES integration with TAP, just get in touch.

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