A tracking pixel, also know as a conversion or retargeting pixel, is a one pixel square graphic loaded from a third party server that is used for tracking user behaviour, and conversion on a website or web application.

The Access Platform supports embedded tracking pixels on your TAP Page so that you can configure your analytics platform to measure traffic and user journeys.

You can integrate your tracking pixel by supplying your Customer Success Manager with the code snippet. The pixel will be loaded on every part of the TAP Page. You can then configure your analytics platform to track user journeys.

Please note that we are unable to add custom event triggers or functions for bespoke setups to the TAP Page because we do not currently have the function to add custom code for individual accounts, except for pixel or analytics embed code. However, by using tag manager such as Google Tag Manager, you can track all classnames on the TAP Page, and create tags based on these common identifiers:

  • visits TAP Page (loads TAP Page in DOM) - #tap-page
  • clicks ‘chat to me’ - #button-chat-to-me
  • starts registration - #button-get-started
  • submit personal info - #button-register-account
  • submit optional data - #button-complete-optional-data
  • send message - #button-send-message

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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