• Create content that showcases student life at your institution - photos and videos of your daily life, events you attend, goings on around campus, social activities, sports and societies. We want to share your unique experiences with prospective students and an insight to what it's like to be in the city/town, and at the university. This content will encourage prospective students to get in touch with you and start conversations with you. 
  • Some of the content we have received so far does not fulfil these goals and is replicating content from other areas such as the website, social media and prospectuses. The TAP Page is a place to display students and student life and we really want to get this across. 
  • If you'd like to share campus shots, it would be great if they involved you/your friends, to showcase your personality, or something special happening on campus.
  • Please take time to create posts and videos - quality over quantity, and write captions for each piece of content you upload. Think about the kinds of things you wish you knew before university, and think of yourself as sharing the insider student knowledge to prospective students - the kind of stuff you don't see elsewhere on the website/social media/prospectus. 

Please note that if you are able to delete content posts if you feel they are really of no value to you. This also deletes all career points, and the time earned by the ambassadors. If you're going to do this, please let your ambassadors know, and encourage them to create the kind of content you'd like to earn more points and time worked.

Hope that's helpful - if you have any questions or need support communicating with your ambassadors, let us know in the support chat on your dashboard, or via support@theaccessplatform.com 

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