There are many reasons why our partners consider a multiple account strategy. It might be because they have different brands across a network of institutions or, more simply, they want to have total separation between different groups of ambassadors on to different pages of their website. Whatever the reason, your decision to have a single or multiple account strategy will have an impact on the way you administrate and promote the platform to your prospective students.

Single Account Strategy

This is where you have a single Dashboard to manage your data, Ambassadors and content, and a single TAP Page to display all of your Ambassador profiles and content. In the example of pathway provider, this would be like having a single TAP Page on a central website for all of your ambassadors across all of your centres. 

In a single account strategy, you can have as many Promotions as you like to make your TAP Page available across your websites and channels. You can also use Filtered Promotions to 'pre-filter' your single TAP Page to only show relevant Profiles and Content to different audiences. Using the pathway provider example, you could create a filtered Promotion on the website of one of your network centres and that would click through to your TAP Page but only show Profiles and Content from Ambassadors at that network centre.

Things to consider:

  • The account is centrally managed so fewer administrators are likely to be involved.
  • All of your data, Ambassadors and content across your network are in one place, managed from one dashboard and displayed on one page of a single website all together. This content can be filtered apart but the home page will show it all together.
  • If you have a large number of Admin Users on the account from a wide range of different network centres, they will be able to access data and potentially receive notifications from the platform in relation to all centres.
  • The level of work required to be done at the brand or network centre level is minimal, potentially limited to just identifying Ambassadors and facilitating their recruitment onto TAP.

Multiple Account Strategy

This is where you have multiple Dashboards to manage different groups of ambassadors separately and multiple different TAP Pages to display these ambassadors and their content separately too. Using the example of a pathway provider, this would be like having a Dashboard Account and TAP Page for each individual network centre.

All of these accounts can be linked together so a single Admin User can access multiple different Dashboards with ease, view collective reports across multiple accounts and even create a collective TAP Page for all ambassadors and content in the group account setup to display together in one place.

Admin users can also be added at the individual account level to only see data, Ambassadors and Content for that individual account rather than the whole group of group accounts.

Things to consider:

  • This strategy gives more independence and flexibility to brands or network centres to run the platform themselves and promote it in their own way with their own ambassadors. This requires administrative engagement at the brand or network centre level to set up and administer. Here is a guide for the work that we recommend is done centrally and at the brand/network centre level.
  • At this stage, it is not possible to show all Ambassadors and Content together on a single TAP Page from multiple group accounts. Get in touch via chat if you'd like to request this feature.
  • This setup is likely to be more expensive than the single account setup. Get in touch via chat if you'd like to discuss pricing.

If you have any more questions about single or multiple account strategies, get in touch with us via chat support.

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