Getting Set Up
We run an intensive 2-hour Implementation Workshop to get you setup and seeing value quickly and efficiently. This is followed up with a Partnership Planning Workshop where we agree on a plan for activities and expected results over the next 6 months, as well as the metrics we're tracking to evaluate the success of the partnership.

Implementation Workshops Obectives:

  • Ensure your team understand exactly how the platform works.
  • Recap on your objectives for using the service. 
  • Discuss who your best representatives are likely to be on the platform and how they will be recruited.
  • Discuss how the platform will be made available to target audiences at launch.
  • Identify if there are any potential hurdles that need to be overcome before launch.
  • Introduce the Partnership Planning Workshop as the follow up to prepare for that as the next step.

Partnership Planning Workshop Objectives:

  • Agree on the timeframes for launch.
  • Agree on the campaign activity for making the service available to target audiences.
  • Agree on the results we're expecting to see (number of page views, number of leads generated, number of posts created etc)
  • Agree on the metrics we'll be assessing the success of the project on (cost of lead generation, conversion-to-application rate, conversion-to-enrolment)

Ongoing Support
We try to make our platform as intuitive as possible to use and support is easily accessible when needed. We also proactively monitor your use of the platform and reach out to support you in getting more value from our service.

The following resources are also available;

  • Get Started Guides - Built into the Admin Dashboard
  • Help Centre - Available to all customers and key articles embedded on the Admin Dashboard.
  • Video Tutorials - Available to all ambassadors in the App.
  • Chat Support - Available in the Admin Dashboard and App (On average we reply in under 5 minutes within UK Business Hours)
  • Ambassador Training Centre - Mandatory 15 minutes of videos and tests for Ambassadors before downloading the App and Creating an Account.
  • Live Reports - Available in the Admin Dashboard showing all platform data.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) Monthly Video Reports - Your CSM will send you a video report of what's happening on your account each month with proactive suggestions of things you can do to improve your results.

Additional Consultancy Workshops
In some cases, customers may need additional help so we've developed additional workshops to help customers with any strategy and training needs. These workshops are chargeable but, if agreed in advance on a case by case basis, can be included as part of the Implementation Workshop Sessions. Read more about our Consultancy Workshops here.

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