#ad is often used by social media influencers to indicate the difference between an authentic post and a paid promotional post on their channels.

Through The Access Platform's Content feature, university staff members can work with ambassadors to create posts that can then be published to the university's marketing channels, including social media. When a post is published, The Access Platform includes a reference to the creator of the post in the caption which can be removed and/or edited.

In this way, the university is promoting itself through it's own marketing channels by working with a disperse group of representatives. This is different from a social media influencer who is promoting a brand on their personal social channels.

Whilst the post is created by an ambassador who is likely to be remunerated for their work on The Access Platform, the university publishing those posts to their own channels as a separate action.

The Access Platform believes that it is clear that the post is coming from the university and, therefore, does not believe #ad is necessary. 

However, The Access Platform cannot give customers legal advice so if you're uncertain about this, please seek independent advice.

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