The Access Platform is an online tool which helps universities to build relationships with prospective students through peer-to-peer conversations and user-generated content.

There are three components:

  • A Mobile App for ambassadors (usually your students, staff, alumni or parents' of students)
  • An Admin Dashboard for administrators (your staff)
  • Widgets which embed on your website where prospective students can create accounts to have chat conversations with your ambassadors.

The Access Platform is a Data Processor, our customers are Data Controllers.

To use our service, we require our customers to link their Privacy Policy into the 'Legal' page of the Admin Dashboard. This Privacy Policy will then be shown to all users when they create an account as well as The Access Platform's Privacy Notice.

If you reference all of your Data Processors in your Privacy Policy, you might like to add our name to that list.

If you'd like to add specific wording about our service and how we process data to your Privacy Policy, our lawyers have prepared the following Extract pertaining to our service which you can use:

[Insert university name] may share your personal data with The Access Platform, a third party service provider that provides an online service that helps universities to communicate with prospective students through student-led conversations and content. To process your personal data when you use The Access Platform service, [Insert university name] will primarily rely on your consent, which will be notified to you at the time. Depending on how you interact with The Access Platform service, [Insert university name] may also rely on other legal grounds to process your personal data. This includes the [insert university name] and Access Platform’s legitimate interests. For example, [Insert university name] or the Access Platform will rely on its legitimate interests to anonymise or aggregate your data or to prevent or detect fraud of The Access Platform service. [Insert university name] may also need to process your personal data to comply with a legal obligation or to protect your vital interests. For more information about how your personal data will be processed when using The Access Platform service [Insert university name] suggests you see their Privacy Notice.

The Access Platform also uses cookies on [insert university’s name] website and you can find out more about these cookies by visiting their Cookie Policy.

More information about Terms and Conditions on The Access Platform is available here.

Our Default Data Protection Particulars are:

The subject matter and duration of the processing of any personal data:

The Access Platform will hold Account information of Staff, Students and Prospective Students as well as text, photos, videos and chat conversation transcripts. This data will be processed by The Access Platform on behalf of the customer for as long as the customer wishes. The Access Platform reserves the right to delete data of Accounts that have been inactive for three years.

The nature and purpose of the processing of any personal data:

The Access Platform processes personal data in order to facilitate creation and sharing of content such as text, images and videos; communication services between users of the platform; and provide a more personalized user experience.

The type of personal data being processed:

First name, second name, email address, profile picture, IP addresses, phone number, and nationality. Optionally, customers can also request the following information from prospective students who engage with them through the platform: Postcode, Date of Birth, and School Name.

The categories of data subjects:

University staff members, university students and prospective students.

Please get in touch with our Customer Success Team through the chat link on this page if you have any questions or would like support.

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