Version 2 of The Access Platform is completely new and built to be the ultimate version of what The Access Platform can be.

This article gives a simple overview of the key changes:

Mobile App

Ambassadors will use the service via our mobile app.

Mobile App Images

The App has:

  • A Feed where all activity is shared to create a sense of community and support between ambassadors.
  • An Activity page where messages are sent and received by Ambassadors.
  • A Team Points Page where the results of different activities from the entire team are shared and celebrated.
  • A Career Reference Page where we build an automated Career Reference for Ambassadors on the service based on the work they're doing through the service.
  • A Learning Resources Page containing useful videos to learn more about the service 

TAP Page

Prospective students will see all of the profiles, content and FAQs on your TAP Page; this is a created by placing a single line of code on your website. 

The TAP Page is an important part of setting up Version 2 and should act as the 'home of your ambassadors' online. The customised page of The Access Platform that you currently have is replaced by this widget so that everything lives on your website.

Click here to read more about the TAP Page.

If you don't already have a specific page for The Access Platform on your website, we understand this might take some collaboration with your website team. We'd encourage you to start that conversation early and to assist you in that communication we've created this email template, which might be useful.

TAP Page Layout Example


Replacing the 'admin' area, we now have a Dashboard for Admin users that will be available at We're currently creating videos and tutorials as well as many articles to make your experience as an Admin user as simple and enjoyable as possible.

All of the same controls are there with many additions, including:

  • the ability to join any Chat conversation
  • set Optional Data collection fields
  • create customised Profile Carousel widgets

Chat Dashboard Layout Example

Chat Feature - Upgrades

In addition to the existing functionality, we're adding the following features to Chat:

  • Multi-participant conversations so that any Ambassador to add in additional participants.
  • The concept of conversations being 'open' and 'closed' to make them easier to manage for Admins.
  • Once a conversation is closed, we automatically collect feedback from the prospective student on the conversation.
  • Ability to tag ambassador profiles and create more specific Profile Carousel Widgets.

Keyword detection and Conversation Flagging functionality works in a similar way to Version 1.

Read more about Chat.

FAQ Feature - Upgrades

Questions can now only be created by Admin Users rather than there being a process for prospective students to submit their own questions.

We believe this new process will lead to higher quality FAQs being created and a better user experience. 

Questions can be immediately answered by Admins as well as assigned to Ambassadors for their answers.

Search runs across all FAQs and additional tags can be added to FAQs to aid search if required.

All of your existing FAQ questions and answers will be migrated across to Version 2 for you.

Read more about FAQ.

Content Feature - New

Content enables universities to source User Generated Content directly from their student ambassadors.

It's built to enable collaboration with Ambassadors to create, manage and distribute student-authored social media posts. These posts can then be shared on social media and also published directly on the TAP Page on your website.

Content Gallery Layout Example

Read more about Content.

Discontinued functionality

Our learnings from Version 1 have led us to not continue Call functionality in Version 2. They were used in a very small percentage of interactions and the failure rate from prospective students not answering their phone was higher than we'd have liked. However, if you'd like to continue using Call functionality, we will be continuing to support Version 1 for customers for the foreseeable future so you're very welcome to continue using the service as you currently have it if you wish.

We hope this article has been helpful. Feel free to check out the other articles which are a work-in-progress as we approach launch. We'd also love your feedback and welcome any questions you have. 

We're looking to get all customers set up with Version 2 in March. Georgina Munn will be in touch with all customers to arrange a setup call.

Best wishes,
The Access Platform Team

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