Within Chat, you can create Profile Carousel Widgets to show specific Profile Cards on the relevant pages of your website.

This is really useful for bringing a personal, interactive and student-led approach to pages that otherwise might seem pretty heavy on information. 

Common examples include showing a selection of students from specific courses on the relevant course pages, or displaying international students on international pages.

Profiles are displayed as a carousel, showing as many Profile Cards as you have included. Conveniently, the carousel appears as a single row on your website so the widget takes up a consistent amount of space without interfering with the rest of the page.

When a user finds an Ambassador they would like to speak to, they click on the 'Chat to me' button. This takes the user to the TAP Page where the interaction takes place.

The 'Custom Styles' you may have selected in Settings will be used for the Profile Carousel widget as well as in the TAP Page Widget.

We hope you enjoy using the Profile Carousel Widget. We're here to help if you have any questions - just get in touch.

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